Tyler County Public Schools

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The mission of Tyler County Schools is to provide student-centered learning opportunities that ensure all students will learn to their potential and master the skills, ethical behaviors, and attitudes needed to be successful citizens in a 21 st Century economy.
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1. We believe that students come first. Students learn to become analytical and independent thinkers in different ways and at different rates; therefore, learning for all is our instructional focus.
2. We believe students must be prepared. Through an instructional focus based upon curricular standards, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to, and succeed in a democratic 21 st Century global community.
3. We believe that students and staff must be healthy and ethical. All students and school personnel shall develop and promote responsibility, citizenship, mutual respect, strong character, environmental awareness, and healthful living.
4. We believe in the importance of school and community interaction. Communication and a shared involvement between the school, home, and community is essential to success.
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